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Deal Minions is an online web portal that is dedicated in bringing amazing deals at discounted prices. Whether it’s a place for food, a place to buy electronic gadgets or a place for clothing, Deal Minions is likely to have it all for you considering your comforts.

Medical Sciences

Get Access to High Quality and in detail graphical and text explanation of various disciplines in medicine.

Critical Thinking in Today's World

In this introductory course about critical thinking, students would be given ample knowledge about how to think critically in today’s world.

Individual Topics

In this section, diverse topics and their explanations have been uploaded related to different subjects e.g Economics,Business and Accounting etc.

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Latest Lectures

  • What is Consumer Surplus What is Consumer Surplus
    What is Consumer Surplus? Consumer Surplus is linked with welfare economics. We primarily focus on the economic well being of consumer/buyer when we talk about consumer surplus and welfare economics. In simple...
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  • Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly
    Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly are closely related because the structures usually fall in between the perfect competition and pure monopoly wherever there is an imperfect competition in a market. Basically in this...
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